Don’t Let Your Injury Slow You Down

With Kanga® KeepU-Dri® waterproof cast protectors you can swim, shower and bath as normal. It’s easy to pull on over your cast or bandage and makes a waterproof seal with your skin, so you can dive into your normal life!


KeepU-Dri® provides waterproof protection for:

Surgical dressings

Skin conditions

Bandaged wounds


Plaster casts


Kanga KeepU Dri for Individuals

If you have an injury you need to keep protected, Kanga® KeepU-Dri® can make sure that you don’t have to stop swimming, showering or bathing while you recover.

Kanga® KeepU-Dri® is available at many chemists around the UK, or you can order from us directly at Capatex Care

Kanga® KeepU-Dri® is a fully sealed polyurethane cover that makes a watertight seal over legs and arms.

Kanga KeepU Drive for Medical Professionals

You can use KeepU-Dri® to keep your patient’s cast or bandages dry, which will improve outcomes, and potentially save your practise money and time by avoiding unnecessary re-dressings.

We are an approved NHS supplier, and we supply to institutions worldwide. Contact us for more information