Swim and Shower With KeepU-Dri Waterproof Cast Protectors
Kanga® KeepU-Dri® is available in 8 different sizes to suit different applications.

KeepU-Dri® Waterproof Cast Protectors Size Guide:

Product Length* Circumference**
Half Arm Small (adult/child) 43 cm 17 cm
Half Arm Large 66 cm 22 cm
Full Arm Small (adult/child) 66 cm 19 cm
Full Arm Large 80 cm 26 cm
Half Leg Small (adult/child) 51 cm 24 cm
Half Leg Large 64 cm 32 cm
Full Leg Small (adult/child) 84 cm 31 cm
Full Leg Large 112 cm 47 cm

*Length is measured from the tip of the limb to at least 2 cm above the cast or bandage

**Circumference should be the widest part of the cast or bandage